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National Tea Museum

The China National Tea Museum is a museum dedicated to tea and the tea culture of China. It is located in Shuangfeng Village, Longjing Road in Hangzhou, the famous hometown of Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea.

  • Tea garden, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

The Museum consists of the Exhibition Building, the Tea Building, the Tea Customs Garden, the International Tea Culture Exchange Hall and the Functions Building. The Exhibition Building includes six halls. They are the halls of Tea History, Tea Custom, Tea Event, Tea Set, Tea Health and Tea Friendship. With the exhibition of abundant historical tea relics, visitors can directly perceive Chinese tea culture by viewing the vivid displays. The Tea Building exhibits a wide range of famous Chinese teas. Tourists can taste a wide variety of different teas here. The Tea Customs Garden was developed as a sightseeing area for the Museum. Visitors are invited to take part in the performance of tea ceremonies. The International Tea Culture Exchange Hall provides a stage for the research and exchange of tea and tea culture. The Functional Building includes the Reception Hall and the Academic Exchange Hall and so on.

There is also a Tea Art Area at the Museum, where visitors can see the performance of the modern and the ancient tea art, Japan tea culture, Taiwan tea culture and so on. Every year an International West Lake Tea Fair is held in the Museum after the Tomb-Sweeping Day.

Admission Fee: Free
Bus Routes: 27, Tourism Bus No. 3

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