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West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Hangzhou, long famed as 'Heaven on Earth', is typical of the celestially bewitching natural scenery of the region of South of the Yangtze River. As one of the old capital cities of the former dynasties in China, it has also created many unique brilliant cultural sights that the world marvels at. The Italian traveler Marco Polo once praised the city as 'the most beautiful and magnificent city across the world' after he saw it. Ever Since then, Hangzhou has won continuous admiration from home and abroad.

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province and is situated to the south of the great Yangtze River Delta and to the west of the beautiful Hangzhou Bay. It also stands in the pivot of the amazing Qiantang River and the longest canal in the world - Grand Canal. This unique geographical position accounts for the area being named as 'A Land of Fish and Rice'. It covers an administrative area of about 16.6 thousand sq km (4.1 million acres), with more than 6 million residents here. The climate is mild and moist.

The enchanting West Lake , also called 'Xizi Lake' (Xizi is recognized as the most beautiful lady in the ancient China), boasts the surrounding mysterious cloud-shrouded hills and the picturesque river scenery. 'There are 36 west lakes in the world while the best is in Hangzhou', goes the chant of a former poet who had traveled here. The unparalleled beauty of the lake is beyond words - you must see for yourself. The magic of the lake is further enhanced by the surrounding pavilions, pagodas, temples, mausoleums. Lingyin Temple that has unceasing burning of incenses; the fantastic Feilai Peak, the protruding Solitary Hill, the drinkable Hupao Spring, the majestic and overlooking Six Harmonies Pagoda and the historical Mausoleum of General Yue Fei are always the well-trodden areas for visitors.

The enthralling wonders of Hangzhou also include Qiantang River Bore, the grandest and most exciting river tidal stretches you can experience in China. Qian Dao Hu in an amazing setting of a thousand islets, produces the well-known Chinese natural mineral water 'Nongfu Spring'. The Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area not far from the city is home to a Chinese Buddhist sect and also draws many pilgrims and sightseers.

Hangzhou is also reputed as 'The Home of Silk' and 'The Land of Tea'. The well-known green tea in China-Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea is the product of this region. The silk production in Hangzhou has had a long tradition and the soft and delicate products have become a golden world-renowned trademark of this city. From the National Silk Museum and National Tea Museum, it is possible to appreciate varieties of these products and learn deeper of these cultures.

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