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Moon Hill & Tall Banyan

Moon Hill, Yangshuo

 Moon Hill

Moon Hill, located eight kilometers (five miles) south of the town of Yangshuo, is another well-known attraction in Yangshuo. There is a hole in its peak through which the sky can be seen like a full moon, hence the name. A flight of more than 800 steps winds its way up to the top of the hill. This is called 'Appreciating Moon Path' since a traveler walking along the winding path can see the sky through the hole from different angles, appearing as a full, half or crescent moon depending on the angle. The surrounding rural scenery is also very charming.

This attraction, together with the Big Banyan, three kilometers (1.86 miles) away is an ideal choice for cycling tourists.

Admission Fee:
CNY 10
Recommended Time for a Visit:
One Hour

 Tall Banyan

On the southern bank of Jinbao River in Gaotian Village, 7.5 kilometers (4.7 miles) south of Yangshuo Town, stands a tall Banyan with a huge and exuberant umbrella-like crown. It is 17 meters (56 feet) high and its trunk is over seven meters (23 feet) in circle. The dense crown shades an area of over 100 square meters (over 1000 square feet). The tree is said to be an ancient Banyan planted over 1,500 years ago in China's Jin Dynasty. With a limpid stream flowing at the foot of it, the great Banyan with its reflection on the calm water is very beautiful.

Admission Fee: CNY 18
Recommended Time for a Visit: 30 Minutes

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