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Yangshuo Introduction

Yangshuo, a county within the prefecture of Guilin, is situated to the south of the city. It is often said that 'the hills and rivers of Guilin are the best, while Yangshuo is the best of Guilin'. The county therefore is often listed in itineraries for travelers to Guilin.

Yangshuo is typical of the Karst formation. The Li River provides picturesque landscapes while the river reaches Water-Dropping Villages to Yangshuo , stretching an area of 60 km (37 miles) are the cream parts. Verdurous hills, jade rivers, peculiar caves and elegant stones present a splendid array of opportunities to visitors. Altogether there are 16 rivers and thousands of hills within the region Moon Hill and Yulong River, the called 'Little Li River', are just two of the most enticing scenic spots in the county. The famous opera Impression on Sanjie Liu drew its inspiration from this natural landscape and sets it as the huge theatre to play the performance. Sanjie Liu is a legendary fairy from a Zhuang ethnic girl whose songs are said to be unparalleled. Climbing rocks, exploring caves, cycling along the nearby roads or just walking by the river provides an exciting experience to tourists.

  • Local Scenery in Yangshuo

What makes the county even more magical and mysterious are its attractive cultural and human sights. The county has a long history of more than 1,400 years. There are 11 nationalities living here, including Han, Zhuang, Yao , Miao and others. The exotic dress, various traditional customs and colorful festivals are most charming, especially their adept antiphonary songs and grace ful dances.

Things to Do in Yangshuo
Fuli Town is a famous ancient town full of natural beauty and ethnical characteristics. The main outer scenery of the opera Impression on Sanjie Liu was drawn from here. Within the town remain some old-styled streets, pavilions, temples, halls and houses. It is also reputed as the 'Hometown of Drawing Fans in China' . On the lunar May 8th, the town is at its busiest with many folk performances, sports and sacrificial activities. Xingping Town is another famous ancient town of more than a thousand years old where you can find some historical relics. The Fishing Village near the town is also a historically well-known spot. The former American president, Bill Clinton used to visit the town in 1998.

Another spot that should not be missed is the West Street , also called the 'Global Village' for its mix of cultures from many foreign counties. The 'Bible' for western backpackers, Lonely Planet , of the 1980s, mentions this street. Here you can not only find Chinese teahouses, antiques, calligraphy, paintings, and arts and crafts, but also numerous foreign restaurants, hotels and pubs. It provides the opportunity to converse in English. In addition, Yuzi Paradise set amongst an exposition of artwork of sculptures, caves and entertainment. Here you can enjoy outdoor barbecues, fireworks and water-skiing. The classic music of Hong Kong singer, Teresa Teng sets a tranquil setting to enjoy the experiences of a health retreat.

Yangshuo Travel Tips
Delicious foods in Yangshuo include beer fish, winkles and Longjiang Grilled Fish. Shatian Pomelo, cumquat, persimmon and chestnut are four local fruits of Yangshuo worth trying. Artwork such as calligraphy, paintings, drawing fans, marbles, bonsais, wooden sculptures, archaized costumes and potteries along with silk balls are very popular with tourists.

How to Get to/around Yangshuo

Yangshuo is over 60 km. (37 miles) away from Guilin by road and about 20 km. (12 miles) farther by water. Travelers can take a bus to Yangshuo Coach Station at the Southern Railway Station in Guilin. You can also buy a passage at a hotel or travel agency in Guilin and then boat on the Li River to get to Yangshuo. There are also coaches from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities in China. For traveling within the county, taxies, microbuses, pedicabs, bicycles, and battery cars are also available.

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