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Longsheng & Sanjiang

Dragon’s Backbone Terrace, Longsheng, Guangxi

Longsheng and Sanjiang are famous neighboring tourist counties in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Travelers to Guilin often extend their tours there in admiration of the magnetic rural scenery and colorful ethnic cultures.


Longsheng, a county of picturesque Guilin , is blessed with enthralling landscapes. The chains of Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces  on the hillsides are undoubtedly the most impressive scenery in the county. For those who wish to explore deep forests or to see rare plants and animals, Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park is a perfect choice. The Hot Spring, 'Holy Water' in the eyes of Yao people, is good for health and relaxation. The nearby Huaping National Natural Reserve, reputed as 'A Land of Waterfalls in the South', is pervaded with unusual hills, dense forests, streams, springs, and waterfalls as well as plants, animals and blooming flowers. Aobeitun Resort is the best place to enjoy the rural scenery in the county.

Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park

Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park is located about 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) northeast of the town of Longsheng. With picturesque forest sceneries, this area has been developed into a natural nursing home with convenient tourist facilities. The waters spurting out of the sixteen hot springs in the park is always at the temperature around 45 C (113 F) to 58 C(136 F) and contains many trace elements, such as lithium, strontium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, and etc. It is evaluated to be a kind of natural drinkable water, which has curative effects on pain in nerve, rheumatism skin, arthritis and skin diseases, etc.

The Huaping Nature Reserved Area nearby the park is renowned as 'the museum of precious floral varieties'. Many precious plant varieties, which were considered extinct by the world plant professors have been found in the area and there are more than 600 animal species in the forests.

In addition to its natural charms, an exploration of the neighboring minority villages of Zhuang, Yao and Miao people will bring you both the exquisite minority architecture and colorful minority customs.

Admission Fee: CNY 98 (including the hot spring bath)
Opening Hours: 7:30 - 23:00
Bus Route: Guilin to Longsheng; Longsheng to Hot Springs

Besides the wondrous natural scenery, the area offers splendid ethnic customs and cultures. There are 10 ethnic groups in Longsheng, including Han, Zhuang, Yao , Miao, Dong and others, all of whom are adept in antiphonal singing and dancing.   Each group possesses its own charm and differs from the others in architecture, clothing styles, food habits, festivals and other customs. These unique people are found in several famous ethnic villages, including Yinshui Dong Village, Jinzhu Zhuang Village, Baimian Yao Village and Huangluo Yao Village, 'the First Village of Long Hair under Heaven.'

 Longsheng Transportation
To get to Longsheng, take the coach at the General Coach Station in Guilin . For travelers heading for Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces, take the Common Coach (instead of Direct Coach) and transfer to Dazhai Village at Heping Village . Within the county, there are regular buses to the scenic spots, towns and villages of Longsheng and nearby counties.


Sanjiang, a county of Liuzhou City, is the only Dong autonomous county in Guangxi. Seven nationalities -- Han, Dong, Hui, Miao, Zhuang, Yao and Mulam -- reside here, with Dong accounting for over 50% of the whole population. Visitors are often attracted by the primitive and fantastic Dong ethnic culture represented in the beautiful county.

Sanjiang has preserved the unique architecture of the Dong people, including over one hundred Wind and Rain Bridges and Drum Towers . The exquisitely constructed Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge  and Mapang Drum Tower  are the best of these. Dong villages are also known as 'Villages of Hundreds of Festivals.'   No matter when they travel, visitors are likely to come across a festival. They will be delighted by the various traditional performances, such as antiphonal singing, collective dancing, Dong Opera, firecracker contests, and Reed-Pipe Wind Instrument competition. The tart Dong cuisine adds further excitement to any visit.

Wind and Rain Bridge, Sanjiang

Sanjiang is also reputed as 'Sea of Firs and Lakes of Oil' in Guangxi. The whole county is densely covered by various forests, such as tea-oil trees, firs, pines and bamboos. The wine brewed with chrysanthemum, glutinous rice and honey is also well-known.

Sanjiang Transportation
Sanjiang is located in the north of Guangxi and borders Hunan and Guizhou Provinces . Travelers can take a train or coach from some cities in Hunan , Hubei , Guizhou and Guangdong . There are coaches between Liuzhou, Guilin and Longsheng. Visitors can also take a regular bus to the towns or villages within the county.