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Erhai Lake & Cangshan Mountain

Erhai Lake, Dali City, Yunnan Erhai Lake

A famous plateau lake in Yunnan Province, Erhai Lake lies peacefully between Mt. Cangshan and downtown Dali. The freshwater lake takes its name from its shape which resembles a human ear, hence the word Er (which means ear in Chinese), hai meaning sea or lake.

Erhai Lake is peaceful and the landscape here is gorgeous, it lies on a fault line surrounded by hills and mountains. The water is so blue and still that it is nicknamed the Plateau Pearl. It is rare to see fishing villages in the highlands, so many visitors are fascinated by the fishing village belonging to the Bai nationality nearby. There are three islands in the lake - Jinsuo Island, Yinsuo Island and Small Putuo Island, watching Mt. Cangshan from anyone of which is another highlight. Stand on Jinsuo Island and you will have a panoramic view of the rising sun, or snowcapped mountains in the winter or a colorful evening sunset followed by the moon hanging over Erhai Lake at night. Food on these islands is more expensive than on the mainland, so please remember to bring some extra money (or your own food) if you decided to visit them.

Erhai Park and Kwan-Yin Pavilion are also well-known sights in this scenic spot and are worth a visit if you have the chance. Tourists staying in Dali Ancient City can get to Erhai Lake on foot; you can also take bus No. 6 or a taxi.

Admission Fee: CNY 10 (Erhai Park)
CNY 30 (Resource Protection Fare)
Time for a Visit:
40 minutes
Opening Hours: 08:30 to 18:00

 Cangshan Mountain

Mt. Cangshan is the highest mountain in the southern part of the Yunling Range, which is composed of 19 imposing peaks. The peaks stand on the west bank of Erhai Lake like a green screen, among which the highest rockets up to about 4,100 meters (about 13,451 feet), on which the snow lies all the year round. A natural wonder is that between each of the 19 peaks there is a tinkling stream flowing down to irrigate the fields and finally reaching Erhai Lake. It is a unique sight known as Nineteen-Peaks-and-Eighteen-Streams.

The mysterious view of clouds on Mt. Cangshan is another wonder. Whenever the sun shines after rain in early autumn, you can see clouds like a belt wrapping around Mt. Cangshan and colorfully reflecting the sunshine. With a comfortable climate, Mt. Cangshan is a fairyland for nature. Tourists might find the eight famous flowers of Yunnan Province and various wild animals here. Besides this, Mt. Cangshan is abundant in marble. Marble can be found in many places, but that originating from Mt. Cangshan is the most beautiful and magnificent. Hence such rock is called Dali Shi (marble) in Chinese, Dali City being renowned for it.

Tourists can take buses setting out from Dali Ancient city to the Mt. cangshan directly.

Admission Fee: CNY 30 (Resource Protection Fare)
CNY 60 (through ticket for Zhonghe Temple Telpher)
CNY 80 (through ticket for Gantong Temple Telpher)
Recommended Time for a Visit: Two hours
Opening Hours: 08:30 to 18:00

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