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International SOS
Tel: 010-64629112
Address: Suite 105, Wing 1, Kunsha Building, No 16 Xinyuanli,Chaoyang District

International Medical Center
Tel: 010-64651561
Address: S106-S111, Ground Level, Lufthansa Center Office Building, No. 50 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District

Hong Kong International Medical Clinic
Tel: 010-65012288
Address: 3/F, Hong Kong Macau Center, Swissotel, 2, Chaoyangmen Bei Jie

Peking Union Medical College Hospital
Tel: 010-65296114
Address: 1, ShuaifuYuan, Wangfujing
China-Japanese Friendship Hospital
Tel: 64221122
Address: Dong Da Jie, YinghuaYuan, Chaoyang District

General Hospital of Navy
Tel: 010-66958024
Address: 6, Fucheng Lu, Haidian District

Beijing Ditan Hospital
Tel: 010-64211031
Address: 13, Ditan Park, Andingmenwai

Beijing United Family Hospital:
24 Hour Emergency: 010-6433 2345

Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics # 2
Add: Jiang Tai Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016
For appointment Tel: 010-6433 3960
fax: 010-6433 3963
Emergency Tel: 010-6433 2345

Beijing United Family Clinic- Shunyi
Add: Pinnacle Plaza, Unit #818, Tian Zhu Real Estate Development Zone, Shunyi District, 101312
For appointments Tel: 010-8046 5432
Fax: 010-8046 4383

Beijing United Family Health&Wellness Centre- Jianguomen Basement 1
Add: Beijing International Club Hotel #21, Jianguomen Wai Dajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing
For appointments Tel: 010-8532 1678
Fax: 010-8532 1221 ext. 101

I want to say
  • ReplyChris
    2017/5/22 2:20:00

    I have liver and kidney cysts. I would like to have OSMOTHERAPY in Beijing.Please adviseLiver and kidney function normal at this stage though I have re-current infections.Chris

  • Replysohil
    2016/7/19 13:47:00

    hello, i'm thinking of going to Navy General Hospital in China to have stem cells treatment, so do you have any comments or suggestions regarding this hospital, please?Best Regards

    • imran :2016/8/31 11:55:00

      Hello brother imran form pakistan contact number 03034070536

  • ReplyVic
    2014/12/22 10:13:00

    Hello, I'm considring going to China for PKD treatment (stage 4). Have you ever heard about Beijing United-Tech Nephrology Specialist Hospital? Does it worth trying? Or shall I find another one? Can you recommend any clinic which accept foreigners on commercial basis?

    • Henry :2014/12/27 21:46:00

      Yes, I know this hospital and it has very proffesional treatment experience to your disease. It is really worth a try! Wish you get better soon.

  • ReplyFIRAS
    2014/9/25 23:13:00

    good morning my name is firas im from iraq and i live in wuhan because im studying there . i have four children (girls) and im looking to make an operation of IVF for my wife so what im going to do and how much it cost me .than kyou very much

  • ReplyLina Tan
    2014/8/2 3:26:00

    Hi, is there a website for beijing armed police corps hospital? And how to enquire about respiratory system treatment?

    • Henry :2014/8/3 23:58:00

      It has an official hospital, but only in Chinese version. Though, here is the tel of the hospital: 010-57976114May help!

  • ReplyJuliette
    2013/6/21 6:38:00

    HI,I'm looking for a hospital/clinic that specializes in Ivf/icsi in beijing or who has a very good success rate. i heard Jiaen hospital and 3rd beijing hospital, can any body tell me which one of the two has more success? or if there is a more recommended hospital.

    • Betty :2013/6/21 19:11:00

      the 3rd hospital of Beijing University and Xiehe Hospital are the best.

  • ReplyUyanga
    2013/3/30 17:41:00

    Hi, I'm in Beijing. My husband will surgery in back. We waiting the bed.I need hotel near that Hospital named Military hospital Beijing. But i don't know which number of Military Hospital. Just I know the Hospital is near building "Galaxy Soho".

    • Rosa :2013/4/1 19:49:00

      there is a Qing Lan Plaza just opposite to the hospital, which is a 3-star hotel at No.24 Dongsishitiao. or there are many home stays in the hutong south of the hospital.

  • Replyakian
    2013/3/29 7:53:00

    hi,i am looking stem cell treatment in china for COPD bronchitic emphysema, could any body tell me to which hospital / clinic in china?

  • Replymunir viengar
    2013/3/28 12:27:00

    dear sir i have loss of vision in one eye due to retinadetachment i looking for stem cell treatment any help will appreciate it thanks munir viengar munir956@yahoo.com

  • ReplyAnna o
    2013/3/28 9:46:00

    We need to transplant kydney for my brother , we don't have donate , which is best hospital with donor !,