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May We Suggest

The following bilingual menu may be of great use when you go to a Chinese restaurant. You need not have to say anything. Just use your fingertips!

(pi jiu) --------------------------------Beer
(ke le) --------------------------------Coca-Cola
(hua cha) ----------------------------Jasmine Tea
(hong cha) --------------------------Black Tea
(lu cha) -------------------------------Green Tea
(ba bao cha) ---------------------'Eight Treasures' Tea

 Cold Dishes
(ban fu zhu) ------------------------Seasoned beancurd sheet rolls
(qiang qin cai) ---------------------Spiced celery
(liang ban tu dou si) ------Seasoned shredded potato topped with parsley
(xiang cai xiao la jiao) ----Parsley with green chillies

 Vegetable Dishes
(qing chao dou miao) ---------Stir-fried pea sprouts
(jian jiao tu dou si) ----------Stir-fried potato shreds with green chillies
(yu xiang qie zi bao) -------Eggplant stewed in yuxiang sauce and served in casserole
(hu pi jian jiao) ------------------Deep-fried chilli peppers
(yang cong jian dan) ----------Onion omelet
(hao you sheng cai) -----------Stir-fried romaine lettuce in oyster sauce
(song ren yu mi) ----------------Stir-fried corn with pine nuts
(suan cai fen si) -----------------Pickled Chinese cabbage with noodles made from green pea
(qing jiao tu dou pian) ------Fried sliced potato with green chillies in soy sauce

 Pork Dishes
(mu xi rou) ----------------------------Stir-fried sliced pork with egg and ’tree ear’
(hui guo rou) --------------------------Twice cooked pork
(gan bian bian dou)--------------Minced pork fried with French beans
(san xian guo ba) ----------------Rice crisps with seafood
(rou mo fen si) --------------------Stir-fried minced pork with noodles made from green pea
(yu xiang rou si) ------------------Hot and sweet slices of pork

 Beef & Mutton
(shui zhu yang rou) --------------Quick-boiled beef slices flavored with pepper oil
(yang cong niu rou si) -------Shredded beef fried with onions in soy sauce
(gan bian niu rou si) ----------Deep-fried shredded beef with pepper
(cong bao yang rou) -------------Quick-fried mutton with scallion
(hao you niu rou) ------------------Sauted beef slices with bamboo shoots in oyster sauce

(gong bao ji ding) -----------------Stir-fried diced chicken with peanuts and served with red chilli sauce
(xi ning jian ruan ji) -----------Soft-fried chicken in lemon sauce

(suan la tang) --------------------------Hot and sour soup
(su mi geng) ----------------------------Corn and egg soup
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