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Beijing Introduction

Beijing, as the capital city of China, is the political and cultural center of the country. The city's history can be traced back to the earliest inhabitation by Beijing Man in prehistoric times, 700,000 years ago. The city's history as an imperial capital dates from the Spring and Autumn Period (770 B.C. - 476 B.C.). It served as the political and cultural center in the successive dynasties of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing in China's long history and consequently gave rise to a great number of historical and cultural relics and antiquities. Many visitors from all over the world come to explore the splendid history of both the capital and the country.

Beijing Attractions

Take a Beijing tour is absolutely worthwhile! The Great Wall of China, the grandest ancient military fortification in the world, is a must for every traveler to China. The Forbidden City, a splendid complex of imperial palaces from China's Ming and Qing dynasties in the center of the city, shows the luxurious life of the Chinese emperors. Other imperial structures that are worth visiting include Summer Palace, Beihai Park and Temple of Heaven.

In addition to its historical wonders, Beijing's hutongs and courtyard complexes give visitors a feeling for the traditional daily life of the ordinary local people.

Forbidden City, Beijing

Beijing is a gourmand's paradise with a full range of delicious cuisines from different regions at home and abroad. Restaurants in the city provide everything including the well-known Roast Duck, the gourmet Imperial Court Cuisine, flavored Mongolia Hotpot and hundreds of local snacks. There are also numerous western food restaurants providing a range of American, Brazilian, French, German, Indian and other cuisines catering for those who miss their home dishes.

Today, it is becoming a sparkling metropolis with modern skyscrapers, shopping malls, efficient transport routes and numerous foreign investment enterprises.

Recommended China Tour with Beijing

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  • 5 Days Beijing Tour

    Visit Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City, Badaling, Bird's Nest and more as well as enjoying Beijing Duck Dinner and Chinese Kungfu Show

  • 8 Days China Tour with Beijing

    Small group tour to Beijing, Shanghai and Xian

 Beijing Travel Toolkits
  •  Map                                  Foreign Embassies in Beijing                               Food

  •  Useful Telephone

    Emergency Services
    110 .....................Police
    119 .....................Fire
    120..................... Ambulance
    6525 5486 ...........Foreigners Section of the Beijing Public Security Bureau
    6513 0828 ...........Tourist Hotline
    6590 3419 ...........International SOS Assistance

    Telephone Service
    114 .....................Local Telephone Information
    117 .....................Time Check
    121 .....................Weather Information
    6303 7131 ...........Post Code Check

     Telephone Numbers of Airlines

    Capital Airport Information Tel:6456 3604 Air China Tel:6601 7755
    China Eastern Airlines Tel: 95530 China Southern Airlines Tel: 400669553
    FESCO Air Service  Tel:6505 3330  Aeroflot Tel:6500 2412
    All Nippon Airways Tel:6505 3311  Asiana Airlines  Tel:6468 1118
    Austrian Airlines Tel:6462 2161 British Airways Tel:6512 4070
    Canadian Airlines Tel:6468 2001  Dragonair Hong Kong Tel:6505 4343
    Finnair Tel:6512 7180  Garuda Indonesia Tel:6505 2901
    Iran Air Tel:6512 4940 Israel Airlines Tel:6597 4512
    Japan Airlines Tel:6513 0888 KLM Royal Dutch Tel:6505 3505
    Korean Air Tel:6505 0088 Lufthansa Tel:6465 4488
    Malaysia Airlines Tel:6505 2681 Mongolian Airlines Tel:6507 9297
    Northwest Airlines Tel:6505 3505 Polish Airlines Tel:6500 7215
    PIA Tel:6505 1681 Qantas Tel:6467 4794
    SAS Tel:6518 3738 Singapore Airlines Tel:6505 2233
    Swissair Tel:6512 3555 Thai International Tel:6460 8899
    United Airlines Tel:6463 1111 Uzbekistan Airways Tel: 6500 6442

    I want to say
    • ReplyRechard,   United States
      2010/11/26 4:54:00

      I will go to Beijing in mid dec, may I know the weathre then? What clothes should I take?

      • ken :2012/2/5 22:39:00

        there are some cold in that season, and very heavy wind

    • ReplyElve,   Italy
      2010/11/28 21:24:00

      i've been to beijing for twice, but i still want to go there. when is less crowded?

      • Angela :2010/11/29 22:57:00

        well, Beijing is really a hot spot all the year round, but if you can stand coldness, you may come in winter (Dec. to Feb.), there are less people.

    • ReplyKhristie,   Philippines
      2009/7/22 22:59:00

      Good day... what are the nearest hotels near Beijing Chaoyang Diabetes Hospital? Thank you so much

    • Replyvictor lucido,   United States
      2009/5/23 17:36:00

      when is the low season so that we can travel on a budget prices.

      • 2009/5/24 21:02:00

        WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for your enquiry.
        The low season of tourism in China is usually from November 1st to March 31st.