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I want to say
  • ReplyJim
    10/22/2013 8:09:00 AM

    can I take my small dog with me on the train from Beijing to Dandong?

    • Susan :10/22/2013 7:15:00 PM

      no, pets are not allowed to be taken on a train.

    • Jim :10/23/2013 6:14:00 PM

      Then is there any other possible to take my dog?

    • Susan :10/23/2013 6:15:00 PM

      yes, travel by flight and have your dog consigned.

  • ReplyYvette,   China
    12/22/2011 8:00:00 AM

    Can I find out info regarding booking for a train ride from Kunming to Dali? How many days in advance can I purchase ticket? How long is the trip for? How much is it for?...etc

    • Kevin :12/22/2011 6:15:00 PM

      You may get the timetable and ticket price, and book the ticket for the trains from Kunming to Dali through the search tool above. It takes around 7 hours for a single way. Usually, you can book the tickets 5-10 days in advance.

  • ReplyArmie Pili,   Philippines
    12/14/2011 5:18:00 AM

    Hello, We are booked for China on Dec 31-Jan 6. We are planning to take a sleeper train to Xian on January 1st. Where do I get the tickets? It's our first time to go there. I'd be travelling with my family so I want this to be smooth and hassle free. Upon checking websites they said the train tickets should be purchased at least 10 days before the trip. How do I arrange that? Thanks!

    • May :12/14/2011 5:54:00 PM

      yes, you'd better book the train ticket 10 days in advance.
      you search the train and book the ticket on this page.
      i know this website provide train ticket booking, and they will also delivery the tickets to you.

  • Replycheryl,   Kuwait
    7/4/2011 11:25:00 AM

    How many days from beijing to guangzhou by train

    • bill :7/4/2011 7:27:00 PM

      20 hours by fast train, 29 hours by normal train.

  • Replyddd,   Bhutan
    2/17/2011 2:35:00 AM

    What about the train from Beijing to Tianjin?

    • Kaith :2/17/2011 4:16:00 AM

      you can take the bullet train from Beijing South Railway station to Tianjin which takes only 30 mins,

  • Replycarl,   China
    1/29/2011 11:09:00 PM

    i'll be going to the Philippines soon but i want to take my dog with me. do you think it's possible? if so, kindly give me some suggestions.
    thanks a lot! happy new year!

    • David :1/30/2011 9:31:00 PM

      you'd better not, since the procedure is complicated.

  • Replyuyen,   Viet Nam
    12/15/2010 9:27:00 PM

    Can you advise how to make payment for train ticket booking?
    Can I pay by credit card?

    • Sally :12/19/2010 9:04:00 PM

      usually credit card is not acceptable, you need to pay in cash.

  • Replygrace,   Singapore
    10/19/2010 11:21:00 AM

    Is it a must to join a tour to get a permit to Tibet? I will be coming from north of thailand - how and where to get a train to Lhasa? Thanks...

    • Candy :10/19/2010 10:02:00 PM

      yes grace,
      you need to join a tour to go to Tibet.

  • ReplyPhan TA,   Portugal
    9/24/2010 3:47:00 PM

    Could you tell me how to go from Chongquing to Hanoi (Vietnam) by train and the price. Thanks.

  • ReplyAmar,   Mongolia
    6/4/2010 10:14:00 PM


    I would like to know the availability and the price of a hard sleeper for Beijing West - Kowloon ticket on 12th or 13th of June. And is it possible to buy this ticket from small ticket vendors, instead of going to the West Station.
    Also, I heard that for an eight year old child, we can pay onboard of a train, depending on his height. Is that true?

    • Bella :6/5/2010 4:35:00 AM

      hi Amar,
      you need to go to Beijing West Railway Station to buy the tickets by showing your valid passport and entrance permit or visa. the ticket fare of a hard sleeper is CNY 480. you can buy the tickets 60 days in advance. for the child of eight year old, you need to buy child ticket for him/her.