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I want to say
  • ReplyYvette,   China
    2011-12-22 8:00:00

    Can I find out info regarding booking for a train ride from Kunming to Dali? How many days in advance can I purchase ticket? How long is the trip for? How much is it for?...etc

    • Kevin :2011-12-22 18:15:00

      You may get the timetable and ticket price, and book the ticket for the trains from Kunming to Dali through the search tool above. It takes around 7 hours for a single way. Usually, you can book the tickets 5-10 days in advance.

  • ReplyArmie Pili,   Philippines
    2011-12-14 5:18:00

    Hello, We are booked for China on Dec 31-Jan 6. We are planning to take a sleeper train to Xian on January 1st. Where do I get the tickets? It's our first time to go there. I'd be travelling with my family so I want this to be smooth and hassle free. Upon checking websites they said the train tickets should be purchased at least 10 days before the trip. How do I arrange that? Thanks!

    • May :2011-12-14 17:54:00

      yes, you'd better book the train ticket 10 days in advance.
      you search the train and book the ticket on this page.
      i know this website provide train ticket booking, and they will also delivery the tickets to you.

  • Replycheryl,   Kuwait
    2011-7-4 11:25:00

    How many days from beijing to guangzhou by train

    • bill :2011-7-4 19:27:00

      20 hours by fast train, 29 hours by normal train.

  • Replyddd,   Bhutan
    2011-2-17 2:35:00

    What about the train from Beijing to Tianjin?

    • Kaith :2011-2-17 4:16:00

      you can take the bullet train from Beijing South Railway station to Tianjin which takes only 30 mins,

  • Replycarl,   China
    2011-1-29 23:09:00

    i'll be going to the Philippines soon but i want to take my dog with me. do you think it's possible? if so, kindly give me some suggestions.
    thanks a lot! happy new year!

    • David :2011-1-30 21:31:00

      you'd better not, since the procedure is complicated.

  • Replyuyen,   Viet Nam
    2010-12-15 21:27:00

    Can you advise how to make payment for train ticket booking?
    Can I pay by credit card?

    • Sally :2010-12-19 21:04:00

      usually credit card is not acceptable, you need to pay in cash.

  • Replygrace,   Singapore
    2010-10-19 11:21:00

    Is it a must to join a tour to get a permit to Tibet? I will be coming from north of thailand - how and where to get a train to Lhasa? Thanks...

    • Candy :2010-10-19 22:02:00

      yes grace,
      you need to join a tour to go to Tibet.

  • ReplyPhan TA,   Portugal
    2010-9-24 15:47:00

    Could you tell me how to go from Chongquing to Hanoi (Vietnam) by train and the price. Thanks.

  • ReplyAmar,   Mongolia
    2010-6-4 22:14:00


    I would like to know the availability and the price of a hard sleeper for Beijing West - Kowloon ticket on 12th or 13th of June. And is it possible to buy this ticket from small ticket vendors, instead of going to the West Station.
    Also, I heard that for an eight year old child, we can pay onboard of a train, depending on his height. Is that true?

    • Bella :2010-6-5 4:35:00

      hi Amar,
      you need to go to Beijing West Railway Station to buy the tickets by showing your valid passport and entrance permit or visa. the ticket fare of a hard sleeper is CNY 480. you can buy the tickets 60 days in advance. for the child of eight year old, you need to buy child ticket for him/her.

  • Replyrosie,   United Kingdom
    2010-4-15 12:19:00

    hello there. would you possibly be able to tell me which bus to get from nanning to hanoi in august 2010, what the times are and roughly how much each ticket is , and can you book returns or do you have to book each way seperately. also can you pre book the bus.does the bus take you all the way to hanoi itself. thank you very much in advance of your help.

    • Bun :2010-4-15 19:56:00

      I don't think threre is a train from Nanjing of China to Hanoi of Vietnam.