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Warriortours.com provides real-time Chinese flight schedule with easy, convenient and prompt online booking service.

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  • Replysanneh
    2017/6/24 9:12:00

    I am a gambian passport holder I want to go hongkong for 7 days holiday and I want to know the requirements and tickets

    • Harry :2017/8/7 18:10:00

      You need to apply for a visa for HK. The first step is to prepare copy of passport, the application form, a passport-style photo, proof of your financial support, flight tickets, hotel reservation and travel plan. Next, submit the application to the embassy of China to apply for HK tourist visa.

  • ReplyLia,   Algeria
    2011/2/17 4:12:00

    can i take my dog with me for the flight to China?

    • Vivian :2011/2/19 22:22:00

      you'd better not.

  • ReplyNorman and Licia Vreugde,   Canada
    2010/8/18 22:24:00

    Is the flight from Canada to Beijing and return included

    • Derek :2010/8/19 22:40:00

      To my opinion, the above flight booking is only for China domestic flight tickets booking.

  • Replybinwie petronela tamasang,   Germany
    2010/1/7 2:52:00

    please give me the price and let me foward my credit card details for payment.

  • Replymodesta m aguilar,   Philippines
    2009/4/10 4:43:00

    I want to visit nanjing for vacation