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WT-Chile 02:12 Days Tour of Brazil - Argentina - Chile - Peru
  • Day
    Arrival in Sao Paulo

    Upon arrival in Sao Paulo by plane, you will transfer to check in a hotel and take a good rest.

  • Day
    Sao Paulo - Manaos

    You will visit St. Paul’s Cathedral and imperial gardens. Then you will take bus to see the financial street of Sao Paulo which enjoys the reputation of “Wall Street of Brazil”. You will also visit the east commercial street where the Orientals gather as well as pioneer statue and law protection heroes’ monument near the state capitol.

  • Day
    Manaos - Rio de Janeiro

    Today, you will head for the wharf and get on the cruise on which the miraculous scene of the convergence of Negro’s black water and Amazon’s white water will be included in your eyes. Then move on to the swamplands, take pictures with animals and take a look at the handicraft fair. You will also enjoy the Brazil lunch on water restaurant, canoe into the deep virgin forest to explore the mystery, appreciate nature and experience the primitive life of Anazonia Indians. Return to Amazon in the afternoon. After dinner you will go to the airport and take the flight to Rio.

  • Day
    Rio de Janeiro

    After reaching Rio, you will change to bus to Jesus Hill where you can take photos with the cloud-kissing statue of Jesus who extends his hands out. You will be able to take a remote viewing of the Niteroi Bridge across the sea. Then head to visit the second largest gem-making center in the world, H.STERN, in which the process being played there of extracting, polishing and completing a gem will surely be an opener for you. The following spots you are going to visit are World War II Memorial and the famous beach of Copacabana, along which you can walk and enjoy the beautiful Atlantic scenery at dusk.

  • Day
    Rio de Janeiro

    In the morning, you are going to see the football field with the biggest capacity in the world and view the world-famous football player’s footprint, followed by the Rio de Janeiro Cathedral with unique style of architecture. After lunch, you will fly to Iguacu in Brazil and then check into the hotel.

  • Day
    Foz Do Iguaca

    After breakfast, you will drive to see Iguacu Falls with the largest span in the world. Consisting of 275 falls, it makes a magnificent view when you ride in elevator to enter the plank and stay in the tempestuous waves of the cataract. Brave guys (at your own expense) could try the adventurous activity of breaking through the waterfall of devil’s throat by yacht. Pillars of water will rush down from the above sky and set the yacht in turbulent waves, quite thrilling.

  • Day

    You will visit the world’s largest Itaipu hydropower station and dam, and watch the recording material of the construction of the station. Moreover, you will take a long-distance view of the Brazil and Paraguay friendship bridge. Then you will fly to Lima, and check into the hotel.

  • Day
    Lima - Nazca - Pisco

    On the way of heading for Nazca earth paintings, you are able to appreciate the scenery of the desert and the Pacific Ocean. After a 6-hour ride you will reach the spot and tourists can choose to take the small aircraft on their own expense to have a bird’s eye view of the world’s mysterious earth painting. You will see the mysterious animal patterns of several thousand years scattered across the desert and cannot be blown away by winds. This will take 30 minutes and surely would be impressive. There you will have lunch and leave for Pisco. On the way back, you will drop by the freshwater lake in the desert and finally arrive at three-star hotel of Waves in Pisco.

  • Day
    Pisco - Lima

    Bus will take you to the well-known natural reserve, Paracas Sea Lion Island pier. Then take a tour around the island on which you will see the ancient mystery of the world-wonder of the candlesticks in the mountain, as well as tens of thousands of seabirds, sea lions and small penguins. After lunch you will return to Lima and rest in the hotel.

  • Day
    Lima - Santiago

    You will start your trip today from old city of Lima and see the Plaza San Martin, Weapon Square, the presidential palace, and experience the shifting ritual of guard soldiers. Then move on to commercial mall and large turf commercial shopping center. In the afternoon you will fly towards Santiago.

  • Day

    Today, you will go to the largest port city in Chile, Valparaiso, to see the capitol, the port, and the Navy Heroes Monument. Then, proceed to a beautiful coastal tourism city which is also called the vineyard on the sea, Vina De Mar. After lunch, you will watch the performance of seals, and Naval Weapons Square, and visit the head sculpture on the Easter Island. Go back to hotel at last.

  • Day
    Departure from Santiago

    Drive to visit the San Cristobal Hill - Notre Dame Mountain, which is located at the northeast of the Chile’s capital city Santiago. It stands beside the Mapocho River, and adjacent to the east of Molon Valley, a branch range of Andes. Now it is developed into the most inviting park in Santiago, the famous tourist attraction, Capital Park. From the Notre Dame Mountain, you can have the panoramic view of the whole city of Santiago. After lunch, you will go to the airport and leave Santiago by air to end your pleasant journey.