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WT-Chile 03:12 Days Panoramic Tour of Nascar in Peru
  • Day
    Arrival in Sao Paulo

    After arrival in Sao Paulo, one of the six biggest cities in the world, the biggest city in Brazil and the largest industrial center, you can take a taxi or shuttle bus to head to the hotel. For the rest of the day, you may choose to stroll around nearby or relax at hotel.

  • Day
    Sao Paulo - Foz Do Iguacu

    After touring the Poly Starr Avenue which is named the Wall Street of Brazil, you are going to oriental immigrating business district, Liberdade, which is inhabited by Chinese. After lunch, you will proceed to visit the Palace Museum, constructed in 19th century to enjoy the typical European scenery of garden, then you will visit the Latin American Parliament Building, Portland Statue, Dharma Hero Monument, Independent Brazilian Monument, Saint Pauls Cathedral and so on. In the afternoon, you will take a flight to Foz Do Iguacu. Upon arrival, you will take a rest in the arranged hotel.

  • Day
    Foz Do Iguacu - Rio de Janeiro

    Today you are going to visit the widest fall group of Foz Do Iguacu in the world. Entering the viaduct, you can enjoy the grand scenery of the high falls, walk along the winding pathway and appreciate the sight of natural wonder. The brave people may take surfing boat to the high water column at their own expense, which is threatening but not dangerous. Then move on to the Friendship Bridge, which is located at the juncture of Brazil and Paraguay, or the local specialty market and artwork shop. In the afternoon, you will fly to Rio de Janeiro.

  • Day
    Rio de Janeiro

    Riding up to Corcovado, you can see the Jesus Christ Stone tower aloft at the top of the mountain, facing the vast Atlantic Ocean and gazing the tourists quietly and peacefully. You can take a photo with it. Then you will head to the Rios Cathedral whose architectural style is unique, and to the biggest football field in the world that can contain two hundred thousand people and appreciate the famous Star Footprints Sets. After lunch, you will go to the second gems production center, H.STEN, to watch the process of gems producing. In the evening, you can take a walk on the beach of Copacabana, enjoying the beauty of Atlantic Ocean.

  • Day
    Rio de Janeiro - Santiago

    In the morning, you will take the international flight to Santiago. Upon arrival, a visit to the Chile presidential, the ancient Armagh Square and Cathedral are on the schedule. You are also going to visit the ancient castles of Saint Lucia Mountain in the colonial period. In the evening, you will have a great view of nocturne of Santiago on the Cerro San Cristobal. As for the supper time, Chilean flavor dinner and folk singing and dancing are waiting for you.

  • Day
    Santiago - Anwar Palaisuo City - Santiago

    Today, you are heading to Anwar Palaisuo City where Chile Congress is located. It is named as the ancient city of Human Heritage by UNESCO. Visiting the Navy Soldiers Monument in the Sotomayor Square ranks the first, and then lunch of sino-western style seafood is arranged. In the afternoon, you are going to garden-like city of Ranua del Horse to see the floral clock, portrait of resurrection island people and seals. After these, you will go back to Santiago at right time. 

  • Day
    Santiago - Lima

    Fly to Lima in the morning, you are going to visit the Plaza San Martin, Presidential Square, Chinatown and so on, or you can have a view of historic sites in the period under the control of Spain and world famous Gold Museum. After dinner, you will return to hotel.

  • Day

    Drive to Nextel county which is 450 kilometers far away in south coastal of Peru, you can have a sight of desert scenery along the way. When you arrive at Nextel, you may take the American small plane to see the myth of earth picture at your own expense. Then return to Pisco to have a rest. During the way back, you are free to take pictures when you pass by the Ica Limn.

  • Day
    Pisco - Lima

    Today, you will head to Bird Island in the continental sea by launch at 8 oclock. Along the island, you can watch the Century Candlestick Wonders, sea lions, Humboldt little penguins and thousands of sea birds. After lunch, transfer back to Lima and have supper there before you go back to hotel.

  • Day
    Lima - Buenos Aires

    Love Park, earth Picture Park, Long-sea entertainment center and Sea Rose are on your schedule today. Then you will take a flight to Buenos Aires. After arrival, you will take a bus to hotel to have dinner and rest.

  • Day
    Buenos Aires - Tiger - Buenos Aires

    A visit to the northern part of Buenos Aires is arranged today. You will pass by Lopez, Livos house and the beautiful scenery of exclusive residential district. In Tiger, you are going to enjoy the Parana River by yacht to appreciate the pretty natural wonders. Then transfer back to Buenos Aires to have lunch. In the afternoon, you will visit the Forest Park in the city, which is famous for its honor of the lungs of Buenos Aires, and the Rose Garden and Noble Cemetery. At the same time, you are going to moan in front of Mrs. Verons grave, who was Argentinas first lady.

  • Day
    Departure from Buenos Aires

    After breakfast, you will visit the Song Grand Theatre, which is one of the three world class theatres and one of the lyric theatres in the world. The theatre is famous for its gold suspended ceiling, crystal lamp and colored wall-pictures all over the world. Then proceed to visit the Avenue, Independence Monument, Congress Square, May Square, Presidential Palace (Rose Palace), Buenos Aires Cathedral, San Telmo, Boca District, Caminito Pathway the source of Tango, and Puerto Madero. After dinner, you will drive to the airport and fly back home.