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WT-Bolivia 01:7 Days Tour of Bolivia and Peru
  • Day
    Arrival in La Paz

    You will arrive in La Paz, the highest located capital in the world, by taking international flight. As a very characteristic mountain town, La Paz is set up between snow mountains, spreading along the La Paz River. Its houses locate at different altitudes, making them look like ladders. After having a rest at hotels, you may want to wander about the mazy streets, to look far into the snow peaks or to shop in the electronic market. The famous wizard market is also a good choice.

  • Day

    You will enjoy the picturesque small town, COPACABANA, which is located along the Lake Titicaca and owns a Moorish cathedral. Hiking in the Sun Island, the acknowledged birthplace of Incan civilization, you will lose yourself in the beautiful sceneries and a lot of relics are waiting for you to find.

  • Day
    Lake Titicaca-Puno

    Today, you will spend the whole day visiting Lake Titicaca and Uros floating islands by boat and having warm talks with natives.

  • Day

    You will pay a visit to the ancient tomb in Sillustani highland, which is shaped by gales. There are a lot of breathtaking recreations and busy markets. You can also relax yourself in the ruins outside Cuzco or wander about the narrow street, enjoying the medieval square and Inca colonial architecture.

  • Day
    Quechua Community Trek - Classic Inca Trail

    The Andes tour will take four days, during which you will see towering mountains, walk in the American camel herd and pitch a camp near ancient forests. At the same time you can visit the natives and explore Incan paths rarely known by people. The huge Incan fortress in Ollantaytambo is also waiting for you to explore.

  • Day
    Machu Picchu - Cuzco

    In the morning and in the golden sunshine, it’s the best time to admire the majesty of the Machu Picchu. It is worthwhile to spend a day visiting the “lost ancient Incan city”. Meanwhile you can walk to the Door of the Sun or clime to the top of the Machu Picchu, enjoying the breathtaking sceneries. It is also a good choice to wander about the streets and drink a cup of coffee, experiencing the rhythm and life of the city.

  • Day
    Departure from Cuzco

    The whole morning is your free time and you will be leaving Cuzco by plane in the afternoon.