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WT-Bolivia 03:7 Days Trip of Bolivia - Argentina - Chile
  • Day
    Arrival in La Paz

    The adventure tour starts from the worlds highest capital - La Paz. After arriving at La Paz, you will head toward the hotel by car. Then you can get a bottle of magic potion from the wizard market or learn about the main grow plant in the Andean region in the coca museum.

  • Day

    Today, you will head to Sucre, famous as "white city" for its white building and residential construction Have a detailed visit to the Museo de la Catedral, watch the ornated huge painting and compare its track with the footprint of Cal Orcko dinosaur. Or, you can head toward the convent on the top of Recoleta Mountain, where you can understand why Sucre is called as the most beautiful city of Bolivia through looking down.

  • Day

    You are going to visit a tin mine in the deep underground of Bolivia. It will be a difficult but unforgettable experience.

  • Day
    Salar de Uyuni Salt Marsh

    You will enjoy the glittering Salt Work, Fish Island covered with cactus, colorful lakes and all kind of wild animals and plants.

  • Day

    Going across the border of Bolivia and Argentina, you will enter Salta, the most magnificent city during the former Colombian period and the colonial period. Here, you can play Bungee Race and get qualified to participate in the horse racing. After several days, you will get to know why Argentines call it the Salta the Pretty.

  • Day

    Swim in the beautiful and sunny vineyard and taste the Malbec wine. If you travel in winter, you will be inspired by the ski resort nearby. The next stop is Brazos Abiertos, a local Hope Project for the poor women and children.

  • Day
    Departure from Santiago

    Across the spectacular Andes Mountains, you will arrive in Chile and its prosperous capital Santiago. In the Armas Square of the center of the city, the hometown of the cathedral, a lot of cafe and art museums are collected and is called as Paris Quarter Barrio. You will visit Bella Vista to understand the Chile culture. On the last day, you will transfer to the airport and take a plane flying home. Here is the end of this fantastic trip.