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WT-Australia 04:6 Days Tour in Australia: Sydney - Gold Coast - Melbourne
  • Day
    Arrive in Sydney

    After your arrival in the Australia’s world-famous city-Sydney, first we go sightseeing of the World Natural Heritage --Greater Blue Mountains Area. It is named so because of its deep blue mist there. The center site of Blue Mountains is Katoomba, which boasts popular scenic spots such as vast jungle landscape, valleys, waterfalls and spectacular Stonehenge. Next we seek joy in Blue Mountains’ world of fantastic scenery. We will explore deep into the mountains as we take the unique double-wired cable car with a steep slope nearly 90 degrees unparalleled in the world. Besides, we could wander in tropical rainforests. At last, we ride SKYWAY cable car right across primeval valleys and dazzling waterfalls. The SKYWAY will lead us to world-reputed Peak -Three Sisters. There three gigantic rocks stand side by side right at the top of the cliff which rises above clouds, exactly like three graceful and pretty young ladies. In the afternoon we head back to Sydney.

  • Day

    In the morning we begin with a tour of Sydney Opera House, which was designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, and its construction took altogether 16 years. Far opposite the world-noted Sydney Opera House, you can overlook Sydney Harbor Bridge across the Pacific Ocean. At noon, let’s see into Sydney Fish Market, a world-ranked fish market for fresh fish in Australia. In the afternoon, we could explore scenic spots in Sydney downtown area. Viewing from a distance, we will catch a glimpse of the charm of Sydney Observation Tower, a tower well-known as the highest tower in the Southern Hemisphere. We go on to visit The Rocks, Darling Harbor, Hyde Park, and Church of St Mary, etc. At late afternoon, we’ve scheduled a cruise tour around the most splendid natural harbor - Sydney Harbor. When on board, do enjoy the delicate Western Dinner.

  • Day
    Sydney - Gold Coast

    We fly to Gold Coast in the morning and then head for Warner Bros Movie World. The program “Explore the Studio” in the Movie World could really broaden your horizon, allowing you to fully enjoy sound and visual feasts. You can also watch amusing film performances, as well as join exciting entertainment activities. After all these thrills, we will head for the famous Surfer Paradise and take a few photos. Do enjoy sunshine at the beach!

  • Day
    Gold Coast - Brisbane

    First we tour around Paradise Country Farm to watch unique species in Australia like Koala and Kangaroo. In the Paradise we also get the chance to enjoy sheep shearing shows and sights of shepherds driving sheep, which are all exclusives in Australia. Then we are to tour around Brisbane downtown area, visiting South Bank Parklands, Kangaroo Point and Story Bridge by tour bus.

  • Day
    Brisbane - Melbourne

    In the morning we leave for Melbourne by air. After arrival, we go and visit St. Patricks Cathedral, which is the most representative Gothic architecture in 19th century in celebration of 100-year anniversary of Roman Catholic Church in Victory. And we tour Phillips Garden, and Former Residence of the prominent British Navigator--Captain James Cook (exterior). This stone house was constructed in Britain in 1755; in 1934 at the 100-year anniversary of Victory State, Knight Gerry Wade gave it to the Melbourne people as a gift.

  • Day
    Departure from Melbourne

    We ride to the world-famous Town of Gold Ore—Sovereign Hill Gold Mine. The Gold Mine is a large open-air museum which was constructed on the original gold site and thus revitalizes the sight when there bursts a Gold Rush at Ballarat in 1851. Walking through streets in the town, you can wander through those over 50 stores of 19th century along the street. You might as well go and try your luck for Gold, or take some group photos with locals who wear ancient clothing. Moreover, our guide will take you down to the mine; there we could really gain an insight of hardships when Chinese laborers once were prospecting for gold. At night, we will take the international flight leaving Australia and back home.