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WT-Albania 01:14 Days Discovery Trip of Albania: Tirana - Lezha - Shkodra - Thethi - Kruja - Durres - Berat - Apollonia - Vlora - Llogara National Park - Saranda - Butrint - Gjirokastra - Tepelena - Permet - Korce - Voskopoja - Pogradec – Elbasan
  • Day
    Arrival in Albania

    After arrival at Tirana, the capital city of Albania, you will be free to have rest at hotel to adjust time difference or stroll around nearby.

  • Day

    You will spend the whole day visiting Tirana which was built by a Turkish general in the early 17th century. It has been developed into a commercial centre later. First you are going to see the Skanderbeg Square, the best place to experience local life. On the square stands the sculpture of their national hero. Then you will go to visit one of the oldest buildings--Mosque of Ethem Bey and the biggest museum---National Museum of History. The most special arrangement today is that the lunch will be served in Petrela Castle during the visiting.

  • Day
    Lezha - Shkodra

    You will go northwest to Lezha to see mausoleum of Skanderbeg and castles. Then you will head to Shkodra, one of the oldest cities in Balkans. It was the metropolis of Illyrian. Here you are going to visit the old bazaar, the cathedral and the mosque. At last, you will head to visit the Rozafa castle.

  • Day

    Today you will travel to Thethi by bus. Thethi is a national park where millions of wolves, leopard cats, bears, goshawks and other wildings live. Besides, there are beautiful grasslands, forests, rivers and hills. Meanwhile, you will also pay a visit to the local traditional villages.

  • Day
    Kruja - Durres

    You will leave for one of the most important towns--Kruja to see Skanderbeg Museum, castles and grand bazaars. Then you will head to the harbor city Durres. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has many remains.

  • Day

    Transfer to the ancient city Berat in the morning. It is located in the southern and was the strategically important area in ancient time. It is also known as “museum city” for lots of cultural relics in middle ages. Now it is listed into the World Heritage by UN. Here you will visit old castles, churches and mosques. At last, you will also visit the local vineyard and taste good wine.

  • Day
    Apollonia - Vlora - Llogara National Park

    Today’s tour will begin with the visit of Apollonia, an ancient city tracing back to the 6th century BC. Then you will move to Vlora, which is a city surrounded by the mountains and to be considered as a bridge link the trading between East and West. After a short sightseeing here, you will transfer to the Llogara National Park to take an excursion. Meanwhile, you can also have a full view of the beautiful sceneries of Ionian Sea.

  • Day

    On the way to Saranda, you will watch Ali Pasha Tepelene’s castle in Porto Palermo, which is located in a beautiful island. Then you will directly go to Saranda, a very southern city in Albania.

  • Day

    Butrint was the most important place in the history and now it is listed into the World Heritage by UN. There lived human being in prehistoric age and the remains left show different styles and features of every period. Here you can see old walls, churches and acropolis. After that, you will return to Saranda to see Monastery of Forty Saints. In the evening, the dinner will be served in Lekuresi Fortress.

  • Day

    Today you will drive eastward to Gjirokastra. On the way, you can see the beautiful scenery beside Blue Eye pool. When you arrive in Gjirokastra, you are going to visit the local museum and the birth place of Enver Hoxha, an Albania statesman.

  • Day
    Tepelena - Permet - Korce

    Transfer to Tepelena to visit the local castles and ancient settlement of Antigonea. Then continue the journey to Permet, where is famous for the local wine. After lunch here, you will proceed to Korce by bus in the afternoon.

  • Day
    Korce - Voskopoja - Pogradec

    Today, you will visit the first Albanian school in Korce. Then you will go to Voskopoja to see local churches and cloisters. Finally you will get to Pogradec beside Lake Ohrid.

  • Day
    Elbasan - Tirana

    In the morning you will tour around Lake Ohrid and then go to Elbasan for seeing Ethnographic Museum and old mosques. After the visit, you will return to Tirana.

  • Day
    Departure from Albania

    You will transfer to the airport for the departure flight and put an end to this memorable tour.