About Us

Warriortours.com, a leading travel website set up in 1997, is owned by Xian Marco Polo International Travel Service Co.,Ltd.. We aim to provide global travel resolutions with top-notch service, maximizing the delight of your travel and adventure. Our services include private and group tours, and online booking of train tickets.

The website is designed to cater for both trip planning and pleasure reading. Based on years of experience in the travel industry and on-the-spot investigations, we designed more than 300 classical tour itineraries to the world’s most popular travel destinations.

For people who are interested in learning about the travel highlights of different destinations and the diversified cultures, we provide practical information on countries, cities, hot tourist spots, top things to do, transportation, weather, visa, and travel tips.

Business Scope of WarriorTours.com

Thanks to the joint efforts of the entire team, WarriorTours.com provides a great variety of tour packages to popular destinations around the world, including small group tours, private tours, and independent travel routes reference. We can customize tour itineraries to meet your specific interests and requirements.
Our highly efficient online train tickets booking service helps to save time and energy so that travelers don't waste time in tickets lines at the railway stations. Travelers can easily purchase the train tickets online before their arriving, and we can deliver the tickets to the travelers' hotels or other appointed places.

Why Choose WarriorTours.com

  • 1. Our mission is to be the best online tour operator, providing our customers best-in-class service at competitive price and with easy access.
  • 2. We have experienced tour planners to design all our classical itineraries, ensuring the inclusion of the best travel destinations, top things to see, must-do activities, decent but affordable hotels, and must-try local food.
  • 3. We have a well-trained professional team of experienced travel consultants, elite marketing developers, qualified web engineers, and knowledgeable editors. All of our staff are dedicated to making every traveler's trip the most memorable experience in their life.
  • 4. We are accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Anytime you need assistance in travel planning, experience trouble during the trip, or have comments, suggestions or questions about our service or our website, you can contact us online or by our 24-hour toll-free hotline. We will immediately address your issue.
  • 5. We have a flexible change and cancellation policy, ensuring a worry-free booking and payment for you.
  • 6. All costs are spelled out in advance. We promise that there are no hidden charges, no unannounced self-paid items, and no forced shopping obligations.
  • 7. We have received positive feedbacks from thousands of our valued customers, some of whom have traveled with us for several times and recommended us to their friends and colleagues.
  • 8. Early in 2003, The New York Times Travel Supplement praised WarriorTours.com a large and reliable travel agency. Details

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