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I want to say
  • ReplyShirley V. Arganoza
    6/10/2014 11:14:00 AM

    Hi!I would like to ask about my situation?I was working in HK and that time I just renewed my contrac for another 2years and I went holiday in Phil supposed just for 14days but I didn't comeback again to work.So now,I am working other country but just want to know wether can I enter HK for visit?I would like to go there just for a short holiday but just worry that may effect some problem to immigration?Please I need your advice.Thank you.

    • Uniya :6/14/2014 5:11:00 AM

      It is hard to say. If your former boss in hong kong put foreward your acts to HongKong Immigration Department. Then there must be bad record of you and you will be refused to get into HK. If your boss doesn't do that, there won't be any problem. Wish you luck anyway.

  • Replymahalia kaii
    6/4/2014 6:27:00 AM

    Hi sir! How are u?im from philippines and im planing to go to lebanon next week to visit my boyfriend but because of being strick of imegration here we plan to bring ticket philippine to hongkong then get hotel reservation after this i will go to lebanon.is this possible?and do i need show money from philippine to hk? And how much?and do i need to bring round trip ticket?thank u so much

    • Linda :6/4/2014 9:54:00 PM

      It is impossible.

  • Replyfate
    6/3/2014 9:11:00 PM

    Hi.Me and my sister are Philippine Passport Holder and we're planning to go on a trip to Hongkong and Macau. Would there be any problem if we book a flight from Philippines to Macau, then from Macau we'll go to Hongkong then go back to the Philippines from there. Would we need a visa if we go to Philipiines directly to macau or from Macau to hongkong? Do we just need our Passport and pocket money of around Php 25,000 each? What else do we need for the trip so we won't encounter any problem? Hope you can help me. Thanks.

    • Mindy :6/4/2014 10:02:00 PM

      You do not need a visa for HK if you can provide the returning ticket from HK to Philippines. The visa is also not needed for providing the ticket from Macau to HK. Without the visa, you still need to prepare your passport, the pocket money and the hotels' reservation in both HK and Macau, so that you will not meet any problems.

  • Replymariberth
    6/3/2014 12:44:00 AM

    Hello there, i am a domestic helper here in hong kong. And my husband and son(3years old) will be here for a tour on july 2014. Is it really recommended that they are to bring with them an invitation letter?

    • Mary :6/4/2014 10:02:00 PM

      You are higly suggested to take bring them an invitation letter.

  • ReplyChibiyen
    6/4/2014 2:52:00 PM

    Hi! we are planning to go to Macau stay there for 1 night then go to Hongkong stay there for 4 nights then return to Macau stay there for another 1 night before returning to Philippines. Are we allowed to do that with our Philippine Passport?

  • Replyklarenze
    5/25/2014 6:38:00 AM

    Hi!im klarrenze I just want to ask if what other documents we need to travel to macau (as tourist) we already have a passport/round trip ticket/and hotel reservation. Ill be there together with my cousin who is a dost scholar and he is concerned if he can pass the immigration and what else docs do we need we dont want to be denied! :) its our first time to travel abroad so please please help! Thank yoi very much!

    • Sara :5/26/2014 3:40:00 AM

      Hi, Klarenze. Would you mind tell me where you come from?As I know, many countries' citizens do not need a visa to enter that city for traveling.

    5/17/2014 2:01:00 AM

    Hi there, im a Malaysia passport holder who wish to travel Hong Kong via Macao. I want to ask if i stay 30 days in Macao, then i leave Macao to Hong Kong, is that possible for me to back Macao after few days? If i stay less than 30 days in Macao, thn leave to Hong Kong, is that possible for me to back Macao again? Thank you.

    • Josey :5/18/2014 10:12:00 PM

      Theoretically, it is possible. But don't do that too frequently, or they will deny your enter.

  • ReplyNenith Savillaga
    5/12/2014 6:27:00 AM

    Hi I'm Filipino... Planning to visit my country this coming July..But my passport has 4 months left before it's expireIs there any trouble when I comeback to hongkong?

    • Sara :5/15/2014 5:29:00 AM

      Problems exist. The passport with validity over 6 monthes can reach HK. You will be rejected to enter if your valid only has 4 monthes.

  • ReplyMohd Ali
    5/9/2014 1:52:00 PM

    i am now in china shanghai with enter visa to china can travailing to Hong Kong for one day and back to China?i will travail by Train?

  • ReplyART
    5/6/2014 9:01:00 AM

    Good Day! I'm Art from Philippines. I have flight schedule from Manila to Hongkong on May 31 to June 4. I am planning to enter Macau on June 2. I would like to know if it is possible that they will give me 1 month pass? Also, I decided to look for a job when I get there. What will be the possible consequences in all my actions? What is the best thing to do? I need your advice. Thank you so much

    • Bella :5/6/2014 10:27:00 PM

      As a Filipino passport holder, you will get 30 day visa free stay as you enter Macau. you can try to find a job in Macau, but it takes many days to apply a work permit even after you get an offer successfully. 30 days are not long enough, but if your work permit is being processed by the end of the 30 days, you can apply for an extension. I suggest that you do more search before going there, especially ask some one who have successfully found job in Macau. Good luck!

  • ReplyAlvin
    5/6/2014 12:10:00 AM

    Hi! Me and my wife plan to have a 3 day vacation in Hongkong this coming August 2014 for our 13th wedding anniversary. This is our first time to go abroad. We are both holding a Philippine passport. On this trip, we are planning to stay in Hongkong on the 1st day, Macau on the 2nd day, and Hongkong on the last day. We already booked plane tickets with return (Manila-Hongkong-Manila). We are still on the process of choosing places to go. We are planning to buy a ferry ticket in Hongkong (with return) for a 1 day travel to Macau on the 2nd day. What are the things that they may require us to bring aside from our passports? Both of us have a job. I am working in a private company while my wife works in the government. We still have 3 months to prepare for this travel, to have our hotel reservations as well as the places to go. Thanks.

    • Ivy :5/6/2014 10:19:00 PM

      you are required to provide your round-trip air tickets, hotel reservation, and some pocket money (about USD 100 per person each day)

  • Replychibiyen
    5/5/2014 11:10:00 AM

    Hi! I am from philippines. Me and my Husband (a u.s. green card holder) are planning to have our second honeymoon on macau and hongkong. We have roundtrip tickets and hotel reservations for both places. We are planning to stay in Macau for 1 night (July 29) before going to hongkong and stay there for 4 nights( July 30-Aug 3) and then return again to macau for another 1 night (Aug 4) before returning back to the philippines. Are we allowed to enter twice in Macau? what documents do we need? and How much pocket money do we have to prepare for our showmoney for both us? :)

    • Emily :5/5/2014 9:57:00 PM

      yes, you are allowed to enter twice in Macau. as for the show money, i heard about USD 100 per day for one person.

  • ReplyMarianne jane
    4/25/2014 8:28:00 AM

    Hi,my husband came to hongkong as a tourist for 14 days but he stayed only for 7days and now he went to macau for a tour he get 30 days visa to stay there ,,my question is ..it is possible for him to return at hongkong again? What documents he need to re enter hong kong again? How many days he will be allow to stay at hongkong? Thanks and more power!

    • Hebe :4/27/2014 9:41:00 PM

      is your husband from the Philippines? if yes, he can return to Hong Kong and he will get another 14-day visa-free stay in Hong Kong.

    • marianne jane :5/5/2014 6:45:00 AM

      he was at macau right now,his visa at macau as tourist will expired on MAY19 on this year,and i want him to come back again here at hongkong,,from Macau to hongkong is it possible for him to enter again this month of May?what are the requirements he need to enter hongkong again?thank you very much

    • Hebe :5/5/2014 9:18:00 PM

      I mean what is his nationality? What passport does he hold? If he holds Filipina passport, he can enter Hong Kong again.

  • Replyalex
    4/24/2014 12:09:00 PM

    hi. we're visiting hk and shenzhen may28-31. do we need a visa for shenzhen. (free disneyland included).how much pocketmoney do u suggest? thank you

    • David :4/24/2014 9:07:00 PM

      yes,you have to apply a visa to Mainland China in the Chinese Embassy in your country before departure, if you are going to visit Shenzhen.

  • Replymiko
    4/24/2014 7:27:00 AM

    good eve, any 1 could help me. im just being confused. i have been here in macau for 48 days, i used the 30 days already and then i extend my visa for 20 days. and my 20 days visa left is 2 days. and i planning to use the UV coz i plan to go in thailand to stay there for 2 or 4 days and then back to macau. is that the immigration in macau they still give me 30 days of visa? any 1 can help me plssss

    • Brenda :4/24/2014 9:05:00 PM

      i suggest that you stay longer in Thailand, like a week or so, and then i think you will get another 30 days when you go back to Macau.

  • Replyoumar
    4/22/2014 3:01:00 PM

    Hello my name is Oumar,i have a Niamey Niger passport,do i need a Visa to hong kong?

    • Candy :4/23/2014 10:02:00 PM

      no, you can stay in hong Kong without a visa for 14 days.

  • ReplyKim
    4/21/2014 12:56:00 PM

    Hi. I am planning to visit Macau-HK-China on Feb of 2015. Would it be possible to get a ticket from PH-Macau and CN-PH for the returning flight? Is it acceptable to do that?

    • Jerry :4/21/2014 9:40:00 PM

      yes, it is acceptable. Just wanna remind you that you have to have a valid Chinese visa before enter Mainland China.

  • ReplyMary
    4/20/2014 5:10:00 AM

    Hi there. I will be in Hongkong for a month this coming April 23-May 20, 2014 as I need to accompany my friend for her operation. She sponsored my visa. So will go home with her in Philippines on May 20. So my husband booked a ticket for us with my daughter on May 26-30 to Hongkong. Are they going to allow me again for another entry for 4 days staying there? What requirements do we need to show? Thanks ! Mj

    • Kate :4/20/2014 10:28:00 PM

      yes, you will be allowed to enter for another 4 days stay there. you also need to provide the reservation of a hotel in Hong Kong, and some pocket money.

  • Replygeraldinegarcia
    4/14/2014 6:40:00 AM

    hi i work before in hk as domestic helper10 yrs ago and now my friend wants meto work there again but i was overstayedand deported before.is it possible for meto work in hk again.

    • Nancy :4/14/2014 9:38:00 PM

      since it has been 10 years, i think you can have a try.

  • ReplyRosamie
    4/13/2014 11:05:00 AM

    Hello po. My fiance and i will meet in hk and will be staying of a friends house. I got an invitation letter from her with signature through email. And my fiancee sent me an affidavit that he'll be shoulder all my finances. Wla na po bang problema para ma offload? Thank you

    • Grace :4/13/2014 10:56:00 PM

      i think it is no problem. remember to print out the invitation letter from your friend and the afficavit from your fiancee.

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