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I want to say
  • Replyonyx
    11/24/2014 1:26:00 PM

    Hi! I am a Filipino currently staying in Thailand. Me and my Thai boyfriend will go to macau on dec 10,2014 and stay there until january 6, 2015. Is it possible if we stay n an apartment? How can we pass immigration w/out delay? And how much is the show money. Btw our tickets will b bangkok-macau and macau-bangkok.

    • Susan :11/26/2014 9:27:00 PM

      Yes, it is fine to stay in an apartment. As Filipino passport holders are exempt from visa for 14 days. Just show your round trip air ticket and hotel/apartment reservation proof. And you will have no problem in entering in Macau. Generally, they will ask for 100USD per day as the show money.

  • Replyrhose
    11/8/2014 8:06:00 PM

    hi gud day...im philippine passport holder,just wanna ask i am planning to have a tour in macao this january to visit my friend there.my question is,can she write for me an invitation letter even she's only my friend and not a relative?need an answer pls...thanx!

    • Helen :11/23/2014 8:51:00 PM

      Hi, Filipinoes are allowed to stay in Macao visa free for 30 days, for which you just need to prepare your rounc trip air ticket and hotel reservation proof. If you won't stay with your friend, the invitation is not needed. If you will be with her, yes, she can send you an invitation letter. Take it easy!

    • Tiana :11/23/2014 9:12:00 PM

      Yes, she can send you an invitation letter if you are staying with her during your tour. If you don't intend to stay with her, it is ok to just show your round trip air ticket and hotel reservation proof.

  • Replymaria
    11/7/2014 1:25:00 PM

    Hi! A filipina here... Just wanna ask if an invitation letter from a friend who is a resident in hongkong enough indicating that he will shoulder all my expenses when i get there for a 14day visit? Coz i will not bring show money with me.. Wanna hear from you soon! Thanks!

    • Yoyo :11/23/2014 9:13:00 PM

      Yes, an invitation letter from your friend will work. In spite of that, the customs may still check your bank statement, which is still suggested to prepare beforehand.

  • ReplyVivian
    11/15/2014 2:55:00 AM

    I want ask i get how many days after im break my contract bcos i want go home n i have air ticket already at 18 december ?thanks

    • Sinda :11/23/2014 8:48:00 PM

      Since you had a job, you should hold a non-resident permit. Usually, you can stay till the expiry date of the permit.

  • Replyann
    11/6/2014 9:05:00 PM

    Hi, I'm from Philippines. I will be traveling with my fiance on February. Macau is our entry point but we will stay there for few hours only and we will spend 3 days in Hongkong. Is Macau immigration very strict? Is 25,000 enough as a show money for both of us? Thank you in advance

    • Nancy :11/23/2014 8:54:00 PM

      Generally, the immigration check the show money, because they wanna ensure that you can afford your trip in Macau. As you will only stay for hours there, I am sure they won't be strict with that. Don't worry! However, for your HK trip, you'd better prepare enough show money, at least 100USD per person per ady and sometimes they will check your bank statement.

  • ReplyArnie
    11/23/2014 3:36:00 AM

    Hi im a hk permanent resident and my fiance holds a philippine passport. She went out to macau 14 days ago to get another 14 days extension. Today is her 14th day so we went out to macau again. Will she get blocked at hk immigration? But we do have an application still in process at hk immigration for 3 months tourist visa. This is our 3rd week waiting for a result. Since they told us it takes 2-4 weeks. What will happen to my fiance once we re enter hk today or tmr. Thank you

    • Julie :11/23/2014 8:06:00 PM

      Since her visa application is being proccessed, there won't be any problem for her going back to HK again from Macau. Don't worry! And just tell the customs the truth.

  • Replya.latif
    11/22/2014 4:31:00 AM

    hi, i m indian have return ticket jeddah guangzhou & single entry visa . can i visit hong kong 2days & come back to guangzhou.

    • Yoyo :11/23/2014 2:55:00 AM

      No, you cannot. As you hold the single visa, you have used it when entering Guangzhou.

  • ReplyJon
    11/19/2014 3:50:00 AM

    I am travelling alone on January 2015 from Philippines going to Macau then HK. Then I will book a ticket from HK to DXB ; DXB to MNL. My question is, is HK immigration strict for Filipinos travelling to Dubai? will they ask me a lot of questions? My purpose of travel to Dubai is to look for a job because I have a friend there living and working there.. I will stay with him for the duration of my stay.

    • Elina :11/23/2014 2:57:00 AM

      Don't worry! They won't ask you many questions about your further trip. Just show them your ticket to Macao and onward air ticket as well as hotel reservation proof.

  • Replyernie pineda
    11/15/2014 8:01:00 PM

    hi im ernie from phil..im planning to travel to macau this nov27,2014.but my passport expired on march 2015....my question is it possible to entry to mcau even my passport is less than 6months???

    • Finda :11/23/2014 3:00:00 AM

      Probably not. You cannot take the risk with an invalid passport. For vistors exempt from visa to HK, they will closely check the passport. So do quit doing this.

  • Replyaloediyah
    11/1/2014 9:59:00 AM

    Hi!I am a filipino citizen and a non-working spouse. My husband is an ofw. We are planning to go to Macau from Manila and stay for 3 days and take a ferry ride to Hongkong for 2 days before returning to Manila. Do we need to provide bank statement or bank certificate or bank passbook will suffice? How much total money should our bank account have?

    • Douglas :11/4/2014 10:57:00 PM

      You enjoy a 30-day free entry to visit Macau and 14-day free entry to visit HK. You are suggested to prepare your bank statement, round trip tickets and hotel booking in case the immigration officer requires to see. Since you stay with your husband, you two can use one bank statement. There is no limitation on the money, but the more the better.

  • ReplyQuinie GEralde
    11/6/2014 6:58:00 AM

    I will be traveling w/ my friends in ds January 10-14.. its a multi-city backpackers tour.. From Manila-Hk then Macau to Manila.. hihingi pa ba ng statement of bank acct ang taga immigration or show money ang taga immigration before we can pass the entry going to HK?

  • ReplyKris
    11/5/2014 8:41:00 PM

    Hi :-) im pilipino and im planning a tour in macau this coming december can exit in hongkong to another country? It is possible? Thank you in advance.

  • ReplyCamz
    11/5/2014 2:22:00 PM

    Hi it is possible to enter in macau then you will exit in hk going to abudhabi thank you

  • Replyeurica
    10/28/2014 3:15:00 PM

    hi I would like to ask if it is possible to enter macau as a tourist but i dont have a hotel acommodation, instead a friend whose working there? do I ave to present a invitation letter from him?

    • Julian :10/29/2014 1:57:00 AM

      It is possible to enter, but you are suggested to prepare an invitation letter from your friend. If you cannot provide the letter, it is hard to tell.

  • Replytrish roxas
    10/25/2014 6:54:00 PM

    Hello Sir&Madam?I just want to ask for advice if what they might going to ask me in immagration going to HK it will be my first trip as a tourist. I am going to prepare my roundtrip ticket itineray doc and hotel reservatiom, since I am unemployed but receiving money support from my fiancee every 20th of the month. I am financial secured and I have few credit cards. What my question is are they that strict? And what they might going to ask me? Since me and my fiancee are going to meet in HK am I going to need another documents for that?Hopping u to help me.Thanks,godbless.

    • Sara :10/28/2014 5:52:00 AM

      Maybe they may ask you to show your bank statement, ask your purpose to HK, your travel plan, etc. You are suggested to prepare a bank statement, at least a letter to prove that your fiance will support your traveling, otherwise, you may get rejected at the immigration.

    • trish roxas :10/29/2014 3:34:00 AM

      Thanks miss sara i will prepare the following they might going to need me and my fiancee was preparing about the letter with notary stamp from usa that I am going to show them . Hope this will be enough. Thank you

  • ReplyElaine
    10/19/2014 7:44:00 AM

    Hi. Would you mind sending me a sample invitation letter?My mother is working in Hongkong, she is planning to invite me to have a short trip vacation there. I will stay where she lives too. Thanks! I'm from the Philippines by the way. Thanks for your reply in advance. :)

    • Eric :10/29/2014 2:06:00 AM

      It may be hard to provide you a sample of invitation letter, but you may try to look for on the official website of HK Immigration. Based on my experience, there is no strict form, but just include your mother's basic information, your basic information and your traveling purposes.

  • ReplyBaisakhi
    10/27/2014 3:28:00 AM

    I am an Indian. I shall visit Hong Kong from 22 to 26th. I know for Indian, the HK visa is on arrival. Can I go to Macau for 1 day visit in a ferry? Do I get a VOA at Macau or I need to apply separately one for visiting Macau?

    • Jimmy :10/28/2014 5:55:00 AM

      You enjoys a 30-day free entry to visit Macau, so even a VOA is not needed. You can only use your passport, ferry ticket to/back from Macau to visit that place.

  • Replyrhose
    10/25/2014 9:23:00 PM

    hi again,am verry confuse bout my situation.my working visa in hongkong expired last october 20,instead of going in macau to exit and back again i desided to go back home in my hometown country philippines.now for only a week i've wanted to go back again to.hongkong to find another job.is it still posible?help pls asap....thanx!

    • Dean :10/28/2014 5:53:00 AM

      It is still possible, since you exit HK before the expiring date. Please do not worry. Remember to apply for a work visa after you get a new job.

  • ReplyFlorimel Babiera
    10/25/2014 5:21:00 AM

    Hi ,I and my Italian boyfriend wanna spend Christmas in hongkong and Macau.i had return tickets and enough money for my full duration there.Is it ok my boyfriend gonna book hotel with both our name?is that will allow me in the immigration here?thanks ...

    • Lilian :10/28/2014 5:48:00 AM

      Since you will go to HK with your bf, so it is OK to use the hotel booking for passing the immigration. Please do not worry.

  • ReplyThelma
    10/23/2014 7:58:00 PM

    Hi, my family and my dad whose a filipino passport holder are planning to travel hongkong and shenzhen thru package tour, does my father require visa to enter shenzhen? your prompt reply is very much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Sharon :10/28/2014 5:37:00 AM

      Your father needs to have a visa for Shenzhen.May I ask is the tour agency a Philippine one or one based in HK or Macau?

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